Summer fishing in Lofoten
Fishing is an activity that takes place all year round. Join us in our traditional fishing boat Elltor and get the fishing experience when we fish for pollock, haddock, mackerel and coastal cod in the summer.
The history about The Red Boat Shed
Experience Nusfjord on a SUP board
Experience the coast in a completely unique way with stand up paddleboarding. A fantastic experience where you can explore nature and wildlife.
Golfing in Lofoten
There are few golf courses, if any, where you can test yourself against the natural elements like in Lofoten!
Bring your company to Lofoten - Rent the whole space
Do you want to give your employees, customers or guests an unforgettable experience? We offer a unique opportunity to rent the entire resort.
Guide to 24 hours in Lofoten
Have you booked a trip to Nusfjord? Here is a small guide on how you can spend 24 hours in Lofoten!
Nusfjord is now part of Small Luxury Hotels
We are proud to announce that we have become a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH). In addition, we have been selected as one of three hotels in the Nordic region and only one of 50 in the world as part of the 'Considerate Collection'.
Meet Einar and Camilla behind Cirkulær
Einar and Camilla are the people behind Cirkulær, we have had a chat with them to hear a bit more about the pop-up you can experience this summer.
Our best tips for a mountain hike
Experience the majestic nature of Lofoten on a mountain hike. To get the most out of your excursion, it is important to be prepared.
Experience the midnight sun
At midnight, the sun is low in the sky and spreads a golden light over the coast and mountains in Lofoten.
Top 5 things to do in Lofoten in the summer
Lofoten is fantastic in summer with beautiful scenery, midnight sun and many exciting activities. Here we have collected the top five activities and experiences you should not miss.
The history of "Smia"
One of the stops you should make is the "forge" or "smia", which holds a lot of history. Any small community that clings to the sea gap, or that can only be reached via sea, such as Nusfjord in the past, needs equipment to be able to be self-sufficient.
The history of Landhandelen
On the pier you will find the old general store with a lot of history and charm. Stop by to see memories of the busy days as a store and post office, or for a light meal or snack in the Landhandleriet Café.
10 tips for your summer holiday in Lofoten
Lofoten offers fantastic nature, varied weather and midnight sun - and not least memories you will never forget. And many people therefore choose to spend their summer holiday in Lofoten, which we can understand!
Four amazing mountain hikes in Lofoten
In Lofoten you will find some of Norway's most beautiful mountain hikes, and there are tours for every taste and experience.
Active holiday in Lofoten - spring and summer tips
Are you tempted by an active holiday in beautiful nature? Spring and summer are a great time for, among other things, trips in the mountains, surfing and kayaking. From the end of May to the middle of July you can enjoy the sun around the clock, perfect for active days!
Top 6 things to do in Lofoten during spring
Spring in Lofoten offers long bright days, and of course lots of exciting things to experience at this time of year as well. The sea is crystal clear and the many mountain peaks are still covered in snow, which provides wonderful contrasts and opportunities.
The best pizza in Lofoten
Oriana Kro is a recognized gem in Nusfjord that serves Italian pizza. Take a trip to the atmospheric place with history.
Experience the traditions of Nordic cooking
The restaurant is located in what was once a stockfish warehouse, and throughout the year you will find homemade stockfish on the menu, which is one of our specialities.
Discover our new accommodations
Discover our new accommodations
Are you planning to travel to Lofoten? We are looking forward to launching two new accommodations this year, "The isolated fisherman" and "The house of Dahl".
Experience the Northern Lights from RIB
Few things beats seeing the Northern Lights dancing across the sky in the winter darkness!
Winter spa in Lofoten
A visit to the spa is fantastic in winter, after a day filled with activities or after a trip hunting for the northern lights, it's lovely to warm your body in the hot tub and sauna.
INSIDE BOREAL by Xavi Bové Studio
"Inside Boreal" is an art project by Xavi Bové Studio initiated by Gerald M. Bliem and in collaboration with Nusfjord Arctic Resort. Our common goal is to create a multimedia art experience in Nusfjord and a new cultural contribution for the entire region.
havørn i lofoten
Sea eagle in Lofoten
The sea eagle is Norway's largest bird of prey and is really worth seeing. Join us on a trip out into the fjord and experience the majestic sea eagle up close.
Experience the blue hour in Lofoten
Did you know that twice a day - just before sunrise and just after sunset - you have the opportunity to experience the absolutely fantastic light that the blue hour is known for? It typically lasts 20-40 minutes, depending on the weather and where in the world you are.
hva er en rorbu
What is a rorbu?
“Rorbuer” has a history that is deeply rooted in Lofoten's fishing culture. Living in a rorbu is an experience of northern Norwegian culture and history. But what exactly is a rorbu?
Surfing in Lofoten
Does it look tempting to surf among high mountains, blue seas and beautiful beaches? Then you have to visit Flakstad Beach!
Opplev Nordlys i Lofoten
Experience the Northern Lights in Lofoten
Are you dreaming of experiencing the Northern Lights? The spectacular light show is one of the most unique things Lofoten has to offer!
Topptur lofoten: Opplev Lofoten på Randonee
Experience Lofoten on Randonee!
Lofoten is a fantastic place for skiing, and in fact one of the only places where you can ski from the very top of the mountain down to the sea.
5 ting å gjøre i Lofoten på høsten
5 things to do in Lofoten during autumn
Autumn is a fantastic time of year in Lofoten! The mountain sides are covered in beautiful autumn colours, lamb is in season and with a still warm climate and bright days there are many activities to take part in.
Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby
This past winter, we were honoured with a visit from BBC two in Nusfjord. While filming for the TV series «Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby», they had the opportunity to experience a true Norwegian winter and join in on how to operate a historic” rorbu” hotel, along with all the tasks that come with it.
Topp 5 ting å gjøre i Lofoten om vinteren
Top things to do in Lofoten in the winter
The Lofoten Islands remains one of those places where every season is unique and offers something completely different than the other. Here are our top tips for a unique adventure in Nusfjord in the Winter.
Childhood memories from Christmas in Nusfjord
Everyone was looking forward to Christmas in Nusfjord, both big and small
Restaurants to visit in Lofoten
Lofoten is known for its white beaches, majestic mountains, adorable fishing villages, and good local seafood. Here you will find a wide specter of restaurants, bars, and cafes. Many of these hold a high standard and focus on the local products and traditions from the area. These days Lofoten can brag about being one of the most exciting culinary destinations.
The story of Nusfjords fisherman’s cabin: rorbu
Nusfjord is an iconic fishing village on the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway. For generations, the people of Nusfjord have been fishing for their livelihood, and the traditional fisherman’s cabin symbolizes their hard work and dedication to the sea. In Norwegian, this is called a rorbu.
skreifiske lofoten
Skrei fishing in Lofoten
One of the most intense things you can experience in terms of fishing in northern Norway is fishing for Skrei. The word skrei comes from the Norse word skreið, which means fish that slides or wanders.
Tungeskjæring i Lofoten
Tongue cutting in Lofoten
Tongue cutting has long traditions during seasonal fishing in Lofoten and is deeply rooted in the culture of the inhabitants of Nusfjord. This is a tradition for the very youngest and allows them to make money. Renate, born and raised in Nusfjord, shares a story about how this tradition takes place.
The Lofoten Fishing Season Has Started
The cod fishing in Lofoten is world-renowned for the sheer quantity and quality of fish swimming around right outside Nusfjord. While January is regarded as being the kick-off, February, March and April are considered the main months for this amazing experience, which draws fishermen and spectators from all over the world.
boknafisk lofoten
Boknafisk is a local tradition in Lofoten, and already in mid-March, we hung up the first round of cod that will soon be boknafisk. Now that it’s approaching to be able to enjoy this delicacy, we’ve talked to Renate, who tells us a bit about how it is prepared.
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