Boknafisk is a local tradition in Lofoten, and already in mid-March, we hung up the first round of cod that will soon be boknafisk. Now that it’s approaching to be able to enjoy this delicacy, we’ve talked to Renate, who tells us a bit about how it is prepared.
Tongue cutting in Lofoten
Tongue cutting has long traditions during seasonal fishing in Lofoten and is deeply rooted in the culture of the inhabitants of Nusfjord. This is a tradition for the very youngest and allows them to make money. Renate, born and raised in Nusfjord, shares a story about how this tradition takes place.
Skrei fishing in Lofoten
One of the most intense things you can experience in terms of fishing in northern Norway is fishing for Skrei. The word skrei comes from the Norse word skreið, which means fish that slides or wanders.
Childhood memories from Christmas in Nusfjord
Everyone was looking forward to Christmas in Nusfjord, both big and small
Topp 5 ting å gjøre i Lofoten om vinteren
Top 5 things to do in Lofoten in the winter
The Lofoten Islands remains one of those places where every season is unique and offers something completely different than the other. Here are our top 5 tips for a unique adventure in Nusfjord in the Winter:
The Lofoten Fishing Season Has Started
The cod fishing in Lofoten is world-renowned for the sheer quantity and quality of fish swimming around right outside Nusfjord. While January is regarded as being the kick-off, February, March and April are considered the main months for this amazing experience, which draws fishermen and spectators from all over the world.