Sea eagle in Lofoten

December 12, 2023

havørn i lofoten

The sea eagle is Norway’s largest bird of prey and is really worth seeing. Join us on a trip out into the fjord and experience the majestic sea eagle up close.

Do you like wildlife and nature? Join us on a trip out into the fjord and see the majestic sea eagle. It is Norway’s largest bird of prey and the fourth largest of all the world’s eagles. The sea eagle is recognized for its characteristic features, such as its white tail, a strong yellow and hooked beak, eyes with a yellow iris and a magnificent plumage.

There are several sea eagles that live just out in the fjord in Nusfjord and our experienced tour guides know where to find them. One of the best ways to see the sea eagle is on a RIB boat trip, but you can also see the sea eagle flying over the fishing boat or from a kayak if you are paddling in the fjord.

It is a wonderful experience to see this mighty bird plunging into the sea in search of food. It feeds mostly on fish and seabirds, which it mostly catches on the sea surface. When it grabs its prey, its claws lock. Nordland is the sea eagle’s kingdom, here you will find the largest concentration of sea eagles in the whole world.

Would you like to see the sea eagle when you visit Nusfjord? It is possible to see it all year.

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