Arctic gastronomy at its finest, framed in majestic natural surroundings.

Let us ignite your senses and invite you to an arctic dining experience. Our celebrated chefs prepare unique creations that fuse local recipes with world cuisine. The nourishing dishes are served in the welcoming spirit of dining in the fishermen’s own village.

All of our products are sourced from local farms and fishermen. This extends our community outreach, while ensuring exceptional, fresh and natural ingredients in every meal we serve. In Restaurant Karoline, seafood takes sole focus, connecting our guests to the exceptional flavours of the northern realms.

Visit one of our culinary treasures, or request a tailored private dining event.

For us, food goes hand-in-hand with the environment. Our quest is to take a mouth-watering sample of the Lofoten fairytale and present it on our guests’ plates.

Restaurant Karoline

Within the intimate, wooden walls of Restaurant Karoline, alongside the exquisite buffet breakfast and relaxed lunch options, we offer a refined evening experience with a weathered ocean view. Knowing that lasting memories are also made through the taste buds, our esteemed chef has carefully designed the menu. It reflects the rich traditions of nordic cooking and the bountiful harvests of our saltwater realms.

Among the ingredients, you will find truffle seaweed, sea urchins, smoked salmon, Lofoten lamb, blue mussels, and of course, the famous Lofoten cod. Our specialty is homemade stockfish, dried in the summer months on the racks and cliffs around the village and processed in our own smokery.

Opening hours:

All days

Breakfast 08:00–10:00

Lunch & dinner 11:30–01:00 (The kitchen closes at 22:00)

Oriana Tavern

Oriana Tavern is a much-loved pearl in Nusfjord, serving Italian pizza. A popular specialty is a pizza with freshly smoked salmon topping. Oriana Tavern is open for lunch in the daytime and becomes as fisherman’s waterhole at night. Gather for an ‘aftersea’ experience in the candlelit cave, or indulge in a light aperitif before your next culinary adventure! In the old days, the building functioned as a food and whiskey store, with accommodation for the employees in the two upper stories.

Opening hours:

Wednesday – Sunday

13:00 – 20:00

Landhandleriet Café

Hidden at the back of the old general store and today’s reception, you will find the quiet and peaceful gem Landhandleriet Café. Located just above the waterfront, the café offers stunning views to the mountains and the harbour, and is a perfect place to enjoy a light meal or snack. Landhandleriet is known for its delicious traditional fish soup, and also sells our Lofoten specialty – dried stockfish. Landhandleriet Café used to be the office of the hamlet owner himself, Mr. Dahl. The old general store dates back to 1907 and has kept its original interior, taking you back in time the moment you enter. Look around for unique details and signs from the busy days as a grocery and post office for the local inhabitants! Landhandleriet Café can also be booked for private events and dining experiences.

Opening hours:

All days

10:00 – 19:00 

Private Dining

We are more than happy to arrange private dining for special events or groups. The old boat shed and other historical buildings are great to add an extra spark to your dining experience.