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The enchanting and peaceful fishing village of Nusfjord is a unique destination in the Lofoten archipelago.

Our village holds a long and rich history. Here, our ancestors created a way of life in a place where nature rules. Today, their legacy and spirit lives on in the village.


As you travel through the majestic mountain passes of Flakstad, the salty sea breeze wakes your senses, marking the start of an authentic Lofoten Islands adventure. Imagine waking up in a traditional rorbu in Nusfjord, where the charm of historic fishing cabins surrounds you. Stroll along the centuries-old wharf, immersing yourself in the daily life of fishermen from a century ago, and feel the echoes of their stories in the air.

The earliest settlements in Nusfjord date from 425 BC. Our unique cultural heritage makes this fishing village one of Norway’s oldest and best preserved fishing villages. In Nusfjord’s «golden age», over 1,500 fishermen lived in the rorbu cabins. Today, there are only 16 people who can call Nusfjord their permanent home.

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Elevating the Lofoten experience

Nusfjord reflects the rich culture of Lofoten in an authentic way. We want to share the beauty of the valley with our guests while preserving our heritage, community and historic buildings. We continuously invest in preserving the fishing village to keep one of Lofoten’s most beautiful pearls in good condition in a way that the world can admire and learn from.

The people are the key to sustainable development of the resort and its surroundings. Everyone who works here really wants to take care of our guests, motivated by the typically Norwegian concept of «hygge», a word used to describe a moment that is cosy, charming or special.

As part of the community on Flakstadøya, we want to invest in the development of the local community through a model that is straight forward and sustainable.

We offer our guests unforgettable and authentic experiences, including adrenaline-filled excursions and a taste of the unique cultural life in the valley, in collaboration with local partners. We also try to expand our participation in society by using exquisite, fresh and natural ingredients in our cooking, where the focus is especially on «locavore» (locally produced food), so we can offer our guests the special Arctic flavors. 

Keeping history alive for generations to come

Nusfjord represents both authentic experiences and genuine Norwegian traditions, and we are proud to take care of nature, culture and the environment in our hometown. We continuously work to reduce food waste, develop menus in close collaboration with local producers and suppliers, utilize geothermal energy and ocean heat and offer our guests environmentally friendly experiences. We are committed to making tourism more sustainable, and are working to be certified by the Environmental Lighthouse to ensure continuous environmentally friendly development.

We follow the guidelines in «Road map from the tourism industry in Norway». The industry has enormous potential for low-emission solutions, is labour-intensive, involves many economic sectors in the value chain and can take care of Norway’s natural and cultural capital by moving towards a greener, cross-sectoral and experience-based offer.


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Practical information

Nusfjord features a variety of rorbu cabins, originally lodging for fishermen who traveled from all corners of Norway to participate in the bustling cod fishing season. Over time, these historic dwellings have been meticulously upgraded to modern, luxurious standards. Today, we warmly welcome guests and adventurers from around the globe to experience the wild nature, rich history and genuine hospitality of Nusfjord.

In addition to the traditional rorbu experience, guests can choose accommodation at The House of Dahl or The Isolated Fisherman, offering different atmospheres and experiences within Nusfjord.




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