Meet Einar and Camilla behind Cirkulær

May 30, 2024


This summer you will find an exciting pop-up shop with us in Nusfjord – Cirkulær Outdoor!

They open on 24th of June, and stay open until 11th of August. Einar and Camilla are the people behind the concept, we have had a chat with them to hear a bit more about the pop-up you can experience this summer.

Tell us a bit about the idea behind Circular?

How much of the clothes you have in your wardrobe do you actually wear? Norwegians have an average of 359 items of clothing in their wardrobes, of which a quarter have not been used in the past year. In addition, we know that the clothing industry is a climate disaster and accounts for approximately ten percent of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. It’s a huge problem, and we want to be part of the solution: We must circulate rather than produce. Cirkulær’s business model is to sell clothes on behalf of our customers, on commission. For each garment we sell, a customer receives 40% of the sales price. They can use the money they earn on new clothes with us or have the money paid into their account. We have arranged for a fully digital user experience, where customers have an overview of the status of their garments at all times and are notified as soon as an item has been sold. We have a goal of making second hand the first choice. To achieve that goal, we need to make it super easy to buy and sell used clothes. In addition, we must ensure that buying used is as attractive as buying new. Then we have to compete on shopping experience, quality, location and price.

Why Cirkulær Outdoor?

Norwegians buy sports equipment for tens of billions a year. We are absolutely at the top of the world here. Sales of used hiking clothing mostly take place on or on various Facebook groups. We think it can be made even easier. We have a lot of demand to supply clothes, so we see that there is a market for selling used in this way. Circular Outdoor will make buying and selling used hiking clothing super easy!

And why Nusfjord?

Nusfjord is an absolutely beautiful place! The fact that this historic fishing village has been preserved in such a fine and authentic way makes it extra exciting for us to open a shop here. We look forward to meeting both locals and tourists during the summer. We were in Nusfjord on a visit at Easter and got to experience everything from the northern lights to delicious food to spectacular mountain peaks. Now we can’t wait to come back! Circular Outdoor will open in a cute rorbu on the jetty of Nusfjord Arctic Resort.

What is their relationship with Lofoten?

Camilla’s family comes from Vesterålen, so she has been to Lofoten and Vesterålen every summer since she was little. The name and logo for Cirkulær was actually created last summer, when we were on holiday at Camilla’s family house.

What will we find in your pop-up?

In the store you can buy outdoor clothing such as shell jackets, fleece jumpers, hiking trousers, sunglasses, bags, shoes and other accessories. We will be bringing in well-known brands such as Patagonia, Amundsen, Arc’teryx, Norønna, Bergans, Dale of Norway. Used Outdoor goods in high quality at a good price! Follow with instagram @cirkulaer.outdoor on our website for even more information.
A small bonus for the locals who want to sell used at Cirkulær Outdoor: We will also take in goods up in Lofoten. You can always find updated information about this on the website and on Instagram.

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