How to get to Lofoten (Nusfjord)?

Are you planning a trip to Lofoten? This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the various transportation options available, including boats, ferries, buses, airplanes, and car access.

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Fly to Lofoten

Traveling to Lofoten from abroad offers several convenient flight options. From May 16th to September 12th, 2024, international travelers can reach Lofoten (Harstad/Narvik Airport) with just one layover via major European hubs:

These airlines make Lofoten accessible from various international and domestic locations, catering to a wide range of travel preferences and needs. For more detailed information and to plan your trip effectively, visiting the airline websites or the comprehensive travel portal at Visit Lofoten can provide further assistance.

Connects Paris directly to Harstad/Narvik Airport. This route is particularly useful for travelers coming from North America and other parts of Europe, as Paris serves as a major international hub.

Provide flights from Zürich to Harstad/Narvik. Zürich, being a central European hub, is especially convenient for travelers from Central Europe.

Offer connections from Frankfurt to Harstad/Narvik. Frankfurt’s extensive global network makes it a practical starting point for travelers from various international locations.

This airline has extensive domestic services within Norway, including direct flights from Oslo and Bergen to Lofoten during the summer. Widerøe also offers multiple daily flights from Bodø to Svolvær and Leknes, and flights between Bodø and Røst.

Provides direct flights from Oslo to Bodø and Tromsø, with connections to Lofoten via Widerøe. Travelers can purchase through tickets covering the entire journey, which simplifies the travel process.

Offers year-round direct flights from Oslo to Bodø and Harstad/Narvik Airport. During the summer months, they also operate direct flights from Oslo to Andøya.

Boats to Lofoten

Traveling to the Lofoten Islands by boat is a scenic and efficient way to reach this stunning part of Norway, with several ferry and express boat options available.

These services are provided by companies like Torghatten Nord and Boreal, and it’s recommended to book your tickets in advance during the summer months due to increased traffic. For detailed timetables, booking, and further travel advice, the official websites of Torghatten Nord and Reis Nordland are excellent resources.

This is one of the quickest ferry routes, taking about 3.5 hours. It allows both vehicles and foot passengers, making it a versatile option for different types of travelers.

A longer route that takes approximately 7 hours. This route is especially good for those who want to stop and explore the smaller islands like Røst and Værøy along the way.

Often used by those driving from southern parts of Norway, this route takes about 1 hour and connects directly to the E10 road leading into Lofoten.

Operating only in the summer months (June 1 – August 31), this ferry is a good choice for those visiting in the peak tourist season.

Another route for travelers coming from Vesterålen, offering a quick crossing that takes about 30 minutes.

Known as the NEX 2 route, this express boat service operates year-round and takes a scenic route through the islands and skerries of the Vestfjorden. It does not accommodate vehicles but allows passengers to bring bikes.

Lofoten also welcomes various cruise ships that dock at several ports such as Reine, Stamsund, Leknes, and Svolvær, providing another luxurious option for reaching the islands.

Lofoten by bus

Traveling around Lofoten by bus is an efficient and scenic way to explore the region. Here are the key bus routes and services available in Lofoten:

For the most up-to-date schedules and to plan your journey efficiently, it’s advisable to use the ‘Reis Nordland’ app (Android / IOS) or visit their website. This tool is invaluable for checking the latest timetables and ensuring smooth connections between different modes of transport in Northern Norway​.

This is the main regional bus route, stretching from Narvik to Å, passing through key towns like Svolvær and Leknes. The service operates daily and is a direct route, making it convenient for travelers coming from Evenes Airport or heading towards it​.

Numerous local bus routes cover the six municipalities within Lofoten, varying slightly between the winter and summer seasons. These buses connect smaller communities and are essential for daily transport within the islands.

This bus service offers a reliable connection to Evenes Airport and Narvik, aligning well with flight and train schedules. It operates daily and includes stops that are strategically placed to facilitate travel to and from major transportation hubs like the Narvik train station​.

During the tourist season, there are specialized bus tours available, such as the Arctic Route, which connects various points of interest across Lofoten and beyond, including options for hop-on/hop-off, which is great for flexible travel plans​.

Travel to Nusfjord

Here’s a guide on how to navigate from nearby airports to Nusfjord, including the routes to take, distance in kilometers, and the estimated time for each journey. Whether you’re flying into Leknes, Svolvær, Harstad/Evenes, or Bodø, this guide provides clear dir

Find E10 og follow the road. Take Fv807 to Nusfjord
Km: 29
Estimated time: 30 min

Follow Fv850 to E10 og continue to Nusfjord. Turn onto Fv807 to Nusfjord.
Km: 97
Estimated time: 1hr 40 min

Follow Rv833 to E10. Continue on E10 and Fv807 to Nusfjord
Km: 255
Estimated time: 3 hrs 50 min

Follow Rv80 to Terminalveien.
Take the ferry Bodø – Moskenes (3 hr 15 min)
Drive onto E10 and Fv807 to Nusfjord.
Km: 143
Estimated time: 4 hrs 30 min

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