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Art and culture are an important part of Nusfjord Arctic Resort. In the heart of Nusfjord is Salteriet, a salt house where fish roe was previously salted and stored. This salt house building has since been transformed into an art gallery where art is displayed over two floors. On the ground floor, curated exhibitions of art in all genres are shown. On the second floor, QSPA by HM Queen Sonja and Håvard Homstvedt is being shown.


Opening reception May 11, 2pm

Henrik Kleppe Worm-Müller

This is only a dream

Painting is the main medium of visual artist Henrik Kleppe Worm-Müller The landscape is often used as the foundation where he adds elements that give his works the character of something fairy tale-like, from the fact that parallel stories are told. At this exhibition, he has also worked with abstract motifs.

This is only a dream by Henrik Kleppe Worm-Müller
HM Queen Sonja and Håvard Homstvedt working on the same litho stone, at Edition Copenhagen in November 2022 ©Det kgl. Hoff, Oslo


Opening reception May 11, 2pm

HM Queen Sonja and Håvard Homstvedt

Mellom rom

HM Queen Sonja and Håvard Homstvedt started their collaboration in March 2022. Both artists wished to support the Queen Sonja Print Award Foundation, through a shared project, where the starting point was still life, interiors and the familiar. The exhibition will first be shown in Stavanger, then in Trondheim, Lofoten and Oslo.

The project’s title «Mellom rom”, literally means “the room in-between”. It may refer to physical space, but may also connote the more abstract, in the interval or interlude. Conceivably, suggesting distance and proximity or expressing the time or space between two stages and states. Maybe it is a breathing space or, in this case, a balancing point between two artistic practices, a meeting place for artistic partnership, where two artists meet, discuss, adjust, and explore.

Fjell by Stig Bech


Opening reception May 11, 2pm

Stig Bech

Bech is probably best known as a property lawyer and partner in Wiersholm, board member of a number of public and private companies and author of a large number of professional articles over several decades. Stig is also a visible advocate for the work with mental health, currently, among other things, as a board member of the Council for Mental Health and the Bipolar Association of Norway.

Collective exhibition

In addition to our main exhibitors, we present a number of other artists who participate collectively.

Elisabeth Helvin – Ceramics

Elisabeth Helvin (born 1971) works with ceramic works, visual arts, and graphics. She is educated in visual arts in Oslo and Germany, as well as apprenticed with an artist in South Africa. She is known for her boxing angels, who are both strong and vulnerable.

Sjøholmen av Elisabeth Helvin

Renate Johansen – Colored drawings from Nusfjord

Renate Johansen is Nusfjord’s Guest Relation Manager and one of Nusfjords best chronologists. She has worked in Nusfjord since 2011 and lives as one of the few permanent residents on the site – one of Norway’s oldest and best-preserved fishing villages. In 2022, Renate contacted our gallerist and presented a selection and colored drawings from various buildings and objects from Nusfjord. This led to a collaboration with Salteriet, which will show and sell the drawings as quality reproductions.


December – April 2024

INSIDE BOREAL by Xavi Bové Studio.

Nusfjord lights up the polar night with a permanent Northern Lights at the Salteriet Galleri.

«Without the magnetosphere, we couldn’t see the Northern Lights, and we couldn’t exist either. The Northern Lights are a reminder that the Earth protects us.» (Xavi Bové, Visual composer).

«Inside Boreal» is an art project by Xavi Bové Studio initiated by Gerald M. Bliem and in collaboration with Nusfjord Arctic Resort. Our common goal is to create a multimedia art experience in Nusfjord and a new cultural contribution for the entire region.

«Can Nusfjord offer a Northern Lights guarantee?»


May – April 2024

Nicholas O’Leary – Paintings
Ragnhild Lie – Installations

Nicholas O’Leary (born 1986 in New Zealand) is an artist based in Bergen, Norway. In this exhibition, O’Leary will set up works he made during a recent artist-in-residence program in Nusfjord in the autumn of 2022, together with paintings he has made in his hometown of Bergen in the past.

Ragnhild Lie, born in Lillehammer, moved to Lofoten after completing her MA in textile art in Bergen in 1997. She works conceptually with a number of different materials and expressions and often includes humor or distinct statements in her works.


Lofoten II by H.M. Dronning Sonja


Opening: May – October 2023
HM Queen Sonja

Text from curator Karianne Ryen Eriksen:

This year’s exhibition in Nusfjord is dedicated to HM Queen Sonja and NORTHERN LANDSCAPE – an important and significant source of inspiration for her, throughout all the years. The exhibition shows examples from the Queen’s graphic production all the way back to 2012 and up to the present day. The starting point for the Queen’s graphic works are often her own photographs taken out in nature; it can be in the forest, on the mountain, or in an ice cave.


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