HM Queen Sonja – Graphics
May – October 2023

Is VI_H. M. Dronning Sonja

This year’s exhibition in Salteriet gallery in Nusfjord is dedicated to Queen Sonja and NORTHERN LANDSCAPES. This has been an important and significant source of inspiration for Her Majesty, throughout the years. The exhibition presents works from the Queen’s graphic production as far back as 2012 and up to the present day. Queen Sonja’s starting point is often her own photographs taken out in nature; it can be in the forest, on the mountain, or in an ice cave. Photographic segments are manipulated, transferred, and processed – often into intaglio prints. The artist also works in most other printing techniques.

The nature of the north and the Nordic landscape have, especially, been important sources of inspiration. Queen Sonja often works in series, elements are repeated, shifted, and changed. In this way, it is possible to experiment and investigate formal elements, given small variations in color, texture, angles, and lines. The landscape motif is mostly deciphered in fresh color combinations.

Lofoten II by H.M. Dronning Sonja

The Queen is driven by a curiosity encompassing everything connected to the complex field of fine art printmaking, and she experiments and explores its various techniques and possibilities. Her graphic works include everything from large panoramas to microbic observations. The artworks show the possibilities and tactile properties of graphic art while at the same time suggesting a continuance of sensory experiences in encounters with nature.

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