Queen Sonja and Håvard Homstvedt

Queen Sonja and Håvard Homstvedt

Opening Saturday 11th May 2024

«Mellom rom»

HM Queen Sonja and Håvard Homstvedt started their collaboration in March 2022. Both artists wished to support the Queen Sonja Print Award Foundation, through a shared project, where the starting point was still life, interiors and the familiar. The exhibition will first be shown in Stavanger, then in Trondheim, Lofoten and Oslo.

The project’s title «Mellom rom”, literally means “the room in-between”. It may refer to physical space, but may also connote the more abstract, in the interval or interlude. Conceivably, suggesting distance and proximity or expressing the time or space between two stages and states. Maybe it is a breathing space or, in this case, a balancing point between two artistic practices, a meeting place for artistic partnership, where two artists meet, discuss, adjust, and explore.

Her Majesty the Queen, has, as in many previous projects, used the camera as a sketch book. This time the outset is not photos of nature, but rather a selection of interior segments from familiar rooms. 

Håvard Homstvedt has further remodeled the photographic segments into sketches and drawings. The two artists have experimented with the different sketch elements and created new distinctive works of art, with pronounced furnishings and settings. The art works are signed by both. 

The artists have challenged one another, have had engaging discussions on color, and formal choices, at the same time as they have worked on and with the same printing plates. Incorporated into the project are monotypes, as well as edition prints.

HM Queen Sonja and Håvard Homstvedt working on the same litho stone, at Edition Copenhagen in November 2022 ©Det kgl. Hoff, Oslo


The Queen Sonja Print Award is an independent foundation whose purpose is to elevate graphics as an art form. The foundation does this by awarding the Queen Sonja Print Award, the QSPA Inspirational Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award, every two years. The foundation supports and organizes various projects dealing with graphics, such as seminars, decorations, lectures, as well as exhibitions by national and international artists. The artists’ income from «Mellom rom» is donated in its entirety to the Queen Sonja Print Award foundation.

Opening: 11th of May

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