Experience the midnight sun

May 5, 2024


From the end of May you can experience the magical midnight sun in Lofoten!

At midnight, the sun is low in the sky and spreads a golden light over the coast and mountains in Lofoten. It’s easy to get confused by the clock at this time, even the locals can go crazy. In Lofoten you can enjoy the beautiful view in various ways, perhaps you are on top of a mountain, out in a rib boat, paddling a kayak, eating a late dinner or on one of the many beaches on the north side. The midnight sun is magical to experience!

But what exactly is the midnight sun?

Midnight sun is when the sun does not set, but part of the solar disk is visible above the horizon all day long. However, it is not the case that throughout the entire period you can actually see or experience the midnight sun every day, because when it is foggy or cloudy, it naturally hides the sun.

From 27 May to 17 July the sun does not set in Lofoten, so if you want to experience the midnight sun, this is the period to travel!

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