Top 5 things to do in Lofoten in the summer

April 24, 2024


Lofoten is fantastic in the summer with beautiful scenery, midnight sun and many exciting activities. Here we have collected the top five activities and experiences you should not miss.

1. Mountain tour

A mountain trip in the summer is a fantastic experience. Experience the majestic nature with an unforgettable trip among the magnificent mountains. With beautiful scenery and fantastic views, a mountain tour is the optimal way to experience the Lofoten Mountains. The mountains are easily accessible and you will find both easy and demanding hikes. For those who want an easier trip, you can walk from Nusfjord to Nesland or take the trip up Ryten. The Offersøykammen is nice both as a day and evening trip, here you get a 360-degree view of Leknes, Nappstraumen and Hauklandstranden. For those who want a more demanding trip, you can go up Himmeltind, which is Vestvågøy’s highest peak at 964 m. If you wish, you can book a mountain tour with a guide. Our experienced and passionate guide leads you safely through the spectacular landscape, and ensures a safe and pleasant trip for everyone.

2. Experience the midnight sun

The midnight sun is a phenomenon you can experience in the summer months. From the end of May to the middle of July, you can see the sun around the clock. At midnight, the sun is low and spreads a golden light over the coast and mountains in Lofoten. This is magical to experience and allows for long days to experience mountain hikes and other exciting activities. Enjoy the beautiful sight while eating a late dinner, from one of the many beaches or perhaps from the kayak?

3. Fishing

Lofoten is known all over the world for its long fishing traditions, a tradition that goes back centuries. The history can be traced back to the Viking Age, when dried fish became Norway’s largest export product. Fishing is an activity that takes place all year round and when you visit us you can join us in our traditional fishing boat, Elltor. Here you get to experience a real fishing trip with our experienced local captain, who has been a fisherman himself. He shares his knowledge and tells exciting stories from the old days in the fishing village. On a fishing trip you get to experience the beautiful nature and mountains from the sea, and there is a high probability that the majestic sea eagle will hover around the boat looking for food. After the fishing trip, you can have your «self-caught fish» prepared at the Karoline Restaurant.

4. Paddling a kayak

Experience Lofoten from the water while paddling a kayak. A great experience regardless of whether you have or have never kayaked before. Enjoy the view of the spectacular mountains, glide through remote bays and discover small, secluded beaches. Not least see bustling birdlife and perhaps some fascinating sea creatures? Lofoten is an eldorado for the best kayaking experiences. We offer a guided kayak trip where our guide shares stories about the area’s past and gives insight into the rich wildlife. You don’t need any previous experience to join and you can borrow all the equipment you need.

5. Local food experiences

Memories are also created through the taste buds and in Lofoten we have access to many wonderful ingredients. At Restaurant Karoline, the focus is on the traditions of Nordic cooking and short-traveled, local ingredients in season. All our products come from local farms and fishermen, supporting the local community, while ensuring that every single meal we serve consists of wonderful, fresh and natural ingredients.

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