Four amazing mountain hikes in Lofoten

March 19, 2024


In Lofoten you will find some of Norway’s most beautiful mountain hikes, and there are tours for every taste and experience.

Experience the majestic nature of Lofoten with an unforgettable walk among the magnificent mountains in Nusfjord. With beautiful scenery and fantastic views, a mountain hike is the optimal way to experience the Lofoten mountains. To get the most out of your excursion, it is important to be prepared. We recommend bringing food and drink to replenish your energy on the trip.

In addition, sturdy mountain boots are important for optimal comfort and safety on the trails. Lofoten is known for its unpredictable weather, so also bring a windproof and waterproof jacket. By following these recommendations, you are ready to create unforgettable memories in wonderful Lofoten.

With us you can book a mountain hike with one of our guides, or you can go hiking on your own.

Four amazing mountain hikes:

Nusfjord – Nesland
From Nusfjord to Nesland you can follow an old fishing path along the sea. This is a nice trip for families with children. The trip takes in relatively easy terrain with a few climbs and takes about two hours one way.

Himmeltind is Vestvågøy’s highest peak at 964 meters above sea level. The mountain bears its name rightly and delivers a view and experience that in every way gives you the feeling of being in contact with the sky. Park at the entrance to the tunnel at Hauklandstranden or right after you come out of the tunnel at Uttakleiv, this is about 40 minutes by car from Nusfjord. Follow the cart road up until you see the path. This is a relatively demanding trip and takes about 5-6 hours up and down. There is a partial path, but not marked.

Offersøykammen (436 m) offers a somewhat steep, but still easy walk. At the top you get a fantastic 360-degree view towards Leknes, Nappstraumen and Hauklandstranden. Most people start the trip from Skreda, which is about 25 minutes by car from Nusfjord. You will find parking at the entrance to the mountain. down side of the road. The path from here is clear and well trodden. This is a great trip both as a day and evening trip.

On Moskenesøya you will find the mountain Ryten, this is about 30 minutes by car from Nusfjord. Ryten rises 542 meters above sea level and has a panoramic view of the ocean and the beautiful Kvalvika beach. Ryten offers the unbeatable view of Lofoten with chalk-white beaches, turquoise sea and precipitous mountains. This is a relatively easy trip and is suitable for families with children. You can reach Ryten via the beach Kvalvika or by going directly to the mountain top. Drive E10 towards Yttersand and then towards Fredvang. Park the car in the car park near Kvalvika. From the car park, you will clearly see a path leading towards Ryten.

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