Restaurants to visit in Lofoten

May 31, 2022

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Explore one of the most beautiful groups of islands in the world. Lofoten is known for its white beaches, majestic mountains, adorable fishing villages, and good local seafood. Here you will find a wide specter of restaurants, bars, and cafes. Many of these hold a high standard and focus on the local products and traditions from the area. These days Lofoten can brag about being one of the most exciting culinary destinations.

Located in what was a stockfish storage, you will now find Restaurant Karoline. It is one of Lofoten’s most prominent and attractive restaurants in the summer.

Within the intimate, wooden walls of Restaurant Karoline, alongside the exquisite buffet breakfast and relaxed lunch options, Restaurant Karoline offers a refined evening experience with a weathered ocean view.

You can get an exquisite breakfast buffet, good lunch alternatives, and a refined evening experience with a fantastic sea view at a wooden table. The menu reflects the rich traditions of Nordic cooking, and the specialty is homemade stockfish, dried in the summer months on the racks and cliffs around the village and processed in a smoker. A «must try.»

Oriana Tavern is a much-loved pearl in Nusfjord, serving Italian pizza. A popular specialty is a pizza with freshly smoked salmon topping, coupled with the famous Norwegian aquavit or our signature drink, gin tonic with wild foraged juniper. Oriana Tavern is open for lunch in the daytime and becomes a fisherman’s waterhole at night. Gather for an ‘aftersea’ experience in the candlelit cave, or indulge in a light aperitif before your next culinary adventure! In the old days, the building functioned as a food and whiskey store.

Nusfjord can also tempt you to visit the quiet and peaceful gem Landhandleriet Cafe. It’s a perfect place to enjoy a light meal or snack. The store dates back to 1907 and has kept its original interior, taking you back in time the moment you enter. Look around for unique details and signs from the busy early days as a grocery and post office. You can also book Landhandleriet Cafe for private events and dining experiences.

The theme and menu of the chef’s menu may vary with the season, but the inspiration comes from the sea, the shoreline, the meadows, and the woods. Seasonal variations in light and weather both challenge and increase creativity. No matter what time of year you visit, you will be served an exquisite local dish that will be hard to forget.

Restaurant Fangst has its own fish landing zone and collaborates with local producers and fishermen to present a menu with great diversity.

Fangst is located in Hattvika lodge, a resort that cares about sustainability. Their slogan is «From sea to table.»

Seafood has always been a big part of Lofoten’s long and rich history. At Anita Sjømat, they serve their plates with the most heartwarming smiles and have great hospitality. They offer a wide range of seafood; stockfish, clipfish, smoked salmon, halibut, caviar, and a wide selection of fresh fish.

At Gadus Nordic Trattoria, traditional Italian food meets the best products Lofoten has to offer. Fusion cuisine between Italian and Norwegian is nothing new but a tradition we want to maintain.

The trattoria serves easy pasta dishes with a local twist—pasta with stockfish, antipasti dishes, ham, and other sharing plates. The restaurant opened in 2020 and is a family-run restaurant.

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