April 22, 2022

boknafisk lofoten

Boknafisk is a local tradition in Lofoten, and already in mid-March, we hung up the first round of cod that will soon become boknafisk. Now that it’s approaching to be able to enjoy this delicacy, we’ve talked to Renate, who tells us a bit about how it is prepared.

We, who live in Lofoten, eat fresh fish all January, February, and March. And when we begin to be «satiated» with fresh fish, we start craving for the «boknafisk».

The word boknafisk probably comes from Northern Sami: boahkkeguolli, which describes a variant of dry fish – a fish partially dried by sun and wind on rocks, in the mesa mast on the boat or a wall.

After the fish has landed, the fish must be spotted or root-cut. Then you have to find a drying flake (hjell) before drying the cod.

For about 14 days, with icy winds, plains, snow, and guaranteed some rain, this glory matures. On day 12, we have to feel it – is it ready, or does it have to hang for a couple of days?

You know it is ready when it has a slightly dry outer surface and a little sour smell. Now the cod has pre-transformed into «boknafisk».

The «boknafisk» is boiled in lightly salted water and served with potatoes, crispy bacon, and carrot stew. So good!

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