Skrei fishing in Lofoten

January 31, 2022

skreifiske lofoten

One of the most intense things you can experience in terms of fishing in northern Norway is fishing for Skrei. The word skrei comes from the Norse word skreið, which means fish that slides or wanders.

The skrei has now begun its spawning migration. From the Barents Sea, it comes in large shoals to Lofoten and Nusfjord to find a girlfriend. Why does it come here, you might be wondering?

Here is the perfect temperature in the marital bed, which needs the cod to spawn. This fantastic love adventure has been going on for thousands of years and can be experienced from January to April. Then it turns the snout home if you have not caught it already.

The cod turns into stockfish, clip fish, and bookfish. We cut tongues and jaws from the head, and the liver turns into cod liver oil and roe into caviar. In Nusfjord, you can experience what the fishermen experienced 150 years ago. Live in fishermen’s cabins, be at sea when the signal goes, and eat the self-caught fish for dinner. The only difference is the comfort.

These extremely powerful giants give you a fishing experience entirely out of the ordinary when you have them on the hook. Expect to catch some of the biggest fish of your life as our fishermen and captains, Svein Roar or Bjørn Ivar, take you out of Nusfjord on one of our Lofoten fishing boats.

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