Guide to 24 hours in Lofoten

June 8, 2024

Skjermbilde 2024-06-08 kl. 13.58.59

Have you booked a trip to Nusfjord? Here is a small guide on how you can spend 24 hours in Lofoten!

08.00 – Breakfast

Start the day with a delicious breakfast at Restaurant Karoline. Enjoy the view and the good food, a delicious cup of coffee and perhaps something enjoyable to read or a good conversation with those you travel with.

10.00 – RIB trip

Book a guided RIB trip with us, this is an activity that combines speed with history and gives you a unique opportunity to see Lofoten from a different perspective. Places that are often inaccessible by ordinary boats or vehicles in Lofoten can be reached with the «Rigid Inflatable Boat». During this RIB safari you will be taken on a boat trip led by our experienced local guide.

Along the way, the guide tells about local history, nature and wildlife in the vicinity of Nusfjord and the Flakstad islands. You will see former fishing villages, experience powerful nature and decent speed.

11.30 – Change and relaxation

After 1.5 hours on the RIB trip, it’s nice to relax a bit in the room, maybe change if you want and look through the pictures from the day’s first trip.

12.30 – Lunch at Restaurant Karoline

Time for some food refills! Enjoy a delicious lunch at Restaurant Karoline, the menu here has been carefully composed by our chef, and it reflects the rich traditions of Nordic cooking and the abundant harvest from our saltwater kingdom. Remember to book a table!

14.00 – Guided kayak trip

Join our guide on a 3-hour guided kayak trip in Nusfjord! As you paddle leisurely through the water, you can observe bustling bird life and fascinating sea creatures, all while enjoying the enchanting views.

Our experienced guide is your personal encyclopedia of local knowledge. Along the way, the guide shares engaging stories about the area’s past, provides insight into the rich wildlife and reveals cultural aspects that bind this unique place together. You’ll get exclusive tips on the best routes and hidden gems that can only be explored from the water.

17.00 – Refill at Landhandleriet Café

The 3-hour kayak trip has probably whetted the appetite again, so we recommend a trip to the Landhandleriet Café for a little refill. For example, order a coffee or something else to drink, and a delicious waffle or pastry.

18.00 – Time for spa

Visit our arctic spa for relaxation after the day’s activities. Sink into the nurturing spring water, take a bath in the sea if you’re dry and warm up in our sauna. If you want to book treatments, that is also an option!

20.00 – Pizza at Oriana Kro

After experiencing much of what Nusfjord has to offer, we can recommend a trip to Oriana Kro for a delicious pizza and something good by the glass. Oriana Kro is a recognized pearl in Nusfjord that serves Italian pizza, a popular specialty is pizza with freshly smoked salmon.

22.00 – Relax

Good and full, and full of impressions, it’s perfectly fine to go back to the room, relax and eventually get a good night’s sleep!

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