The best pizza in Lofoten

February 14, 2024

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Oriana Tavern is a recognized gem in Nusfjord that serves Italian pizza. Take a trip to the atmospheric place with history.

If you like Italian pizza, you should have dinner at Oriana Tavern when you visit Lofoten. On the menu, you will find everything from classic margherita to tasty varieties such as diavola with spicy piccante and parma with Parma ham and cherry tomatoes. Or how about trying a Lofoten special? Lofoten salmon is a popular specialty with freshly smoked salmon.

The pizza restaurant is located in an atmospheric place with a lot of history. In the old days, the building was used to store food and whiskey, with accommodation for the employees on the two upper floors. With a location in the middle of the square in Nusfjord, the restaurant also has a nice outdoor terrace where you can enjoy pizza and sun outside if you visit Nusfjord in the summer months.

Join an «aftersea» experience by candlelight in the atmospheric venue, or enjoy a light aperitif before your next culinary adventure!

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