10 tips for your summer holiday in Lofoten

March 31, 2024

Man traveler hiking on Reinebringen mountain ridge in Norway lifestyle adventure traveling outdoor summer vacations enjoying aerial view Lofoten islands

Lofoten offers fantastic nature, varied weather and midnight sun – and not least memories you will never forget.

And many people therefore choose to spend their summer holiday in Lofoten, which we can understand! Let us guide you to 10 fantastic things to do if you visit Nusfjord and Lofoten in the summer.

1. Experience the midnight sun

From the end of May you can experience the magical midnight sun. At midnight, the sun is low in the sky and spreads a golden light over the coast and mountains in Lofoten. It’s easy to get confused by the clock at this time, even the locals can go crazy. In Lofoten you can enjoy the beautiful view in various ways, perhaps you are on top of a mountain, paddling a kayak, eating a late dinner or on one of the many beaches. The midnight sun is magical to experience!

2. Stay in an authentic rorbu

Here in Nusfjord, you can live in an authentic rorbu, while enjoying modern comfort. The cabins were originally the homes of the fishermen in Nusfjord. They came to this special little fishing village from all corners of Norway, to take part in the bustling cod fishing season. Since then, the resort has been upgraded and furnished to its current modern and luxurious standard, and we welcome guests and adventurers from all over the world. Book your stay.

3. Experience local produce

Restaurant Karoline is one of Lofoten’s largest and most sought-after restaurants, especially in the summer. The restaurant is located in what was once a dried fish warehouse, and throughout the year you will find homemade dried fish on the menu, which is one of our specialities. It is dried during the summer months on racks and rocks around the village and processed in a smoker by one of our own employees.
As lasting memories are also created through the taste buds, the menu has been carefully composed by our chef, and it reflects the rich traditions of Nordic cooking and the abundant harvest from our saltwater kingdom.

4. Fishing trip in Lofoten

Lofoten is known all over the world for its long fishing traditions, a tradition that goes back centuries. In fact, the history can be traced back to the Viking Age, when dried fish became Norway’s largest export. Join us on board our traditional fishing boat, Elltor, and experience a real fishing trip with our experienced local captain, who has been a fisherman himself. He shares his knowledge and tells exciting stories from the old days in the fishing village. Book here.

5. Guided mountain hike in the Lofoten Mountains

Experience the majestic nature of Lofoten with an unforgettable hike among the magnificent mountains in Nusfjord. Our experienced and passionate guide leads you safely through the spectacular landscape, and ensures a safe and pleasant trip for everyone. With beautiful scenery and fantastic views, a mountain hike is the optimal way to experience the Lofoten Mountains. Book your mountain hike here.

6. Experience the sea on a kayak trip

Paddle through the water as you gaze at the spectacular mountains, bustling birdlife and fascinating marine life. In a kayak, you get the opportunity to glide through remote bays and discover small, secluded beaches. Maybe you meet a seal peeking out of the water on your trip? Our guide shares stories about the area’s past and provides insight into the rich wildlife. You don’t need any previous experience to join and you can borrow all the equipment you need. Kayaking can be booked here.

7. Speed ​​and excitement on a RIB trip

Our guided RIB trip is an activity that combines speed with history and gives you a unique opportunity to see Lofoten from a different perspective. Places that are often inaccessible by ordinary boats or vehicles in Lofoten can be reached with the «Rigid Inflatable Boat». During this RIB safari you will be taken on a boat trip led by our experienced local guide. Along the way, the guide tells about local history, nature and wildlife in the vicinity of Nusfjord and the Flakstad islands. You will see former fishing villages, experience powerful nature and decent speed. Maximum speed is 50 knots!

8. Rent a SUP board

Stand Up Paddleboarding, or SUP, is a fantastic activity that allows you to cruise on the water and immerse yourself in nature like never before. With a SUP board you can explore hidden coves, majestic mountains and the calm atmosphere of Nusfjord. Whether you are an experienced paddler or a beginner, we have the perfect board for you. Our experienced instructors will provide thorough training and guidance before you set off on your adventure.

9. Experience our arctic spa

Our outdoor spa is literally a work of art. Sink into the nurturing spring water and recharge your batteries with the fantastic sea view. Perfect before or after a day filled with exciting activities in the beautiful nature. Also remember to book a relaxing massage!

10. Join a sea eagle safari

Are you fond of wildlife and nature? Join us on a trip out into the fjord and see the majestic sea eagle. It is Norway’s largest bird of prey and the fourth largest of all the world’s eagles. The sea eagle is recognized for its characteristic features, such as its white tail, a strong yellow and hooked beak, eyes with a yellow iris and a magnificent plumage. There are several sea eagles that live just out in the fjord in Nusfjord and our experienced tour guides know where to find them. One of the best ways to see the sea eagle is on a RIB boat trip, but you can also see the sea eagle flying over the fishing boat or from a kayak if you are paddling in the fjord.

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