The history of «Smia»

April 21, 2024

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There is a lot of history with us in Nusfjord, so be sure to take a look around when you visit us to experience it all.

One of the stops you should make is the «forge» or «smia», which holds a lot of history. Any small community that clings to the sea gap, or that can only be reached via sea, such as Nusfjord in the past, needs equipment to be able to be self-sufficient.

Thus, a rorbu got a new lease of life as a forge, and the master blacksmith Tønnes Elias Hansen, came with the jet from Bergen, to be a blacksmith in Nusfjord in 1871. This way the blacksmith could make fishing gear and otherwise forge the equipment and tools that were needed at any given time. Tools and fishing gear were maintained and manufactured here. The fireplace with its electric bellows is still in usable condition. Some of the heaviest work in the forge was using the bellows, but this was eventually connected to electricity and made the job easier.

Remember to take a look at the forge when you are in Nusfjord.

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