INSIDE BOREAL by Xavi Bové Studio

December 16, 2023

Skjermbilde 2023-12-16 kl. 14.16.26

Nusfjord lights up the polar night with a permanent Northern Lights exhibition at the Salteriet Galleri.

«Without the magnetosphere, we couldn’t see the Northern Lights, and we couldn’t exist either. The Northern Lights are a reminder that the Earth protects us.» (Xavi Bové, Visual composer).

«Inside Boreal» is an art project by Xavi Bové Studio initiated by Gerald M. Bliem and in collaboration with Nusfjord Arctic Resort. Our common goal is to create a multimedia art experience in Nusfjord and a new cultural contribution for the entire region.

«Can Nusfjord offer a Northern Lights guarantee?»

This question inspired us to a project where new media, innovation and technology invites the audience to a magnificent art experience. The light installation is a family-friendly cultural initiative and a «must-see» for everyone in Lofoten.

«Inside Boreal» has been created as a site-specific art installation where digital information from the current magnetic activity in the polar atmosphere is transformed into light, sound and image. The artistic core of «Inside Boreal» lies in the artist’s interpretation and audiovisual rendering of the Northern Lights. The feelings that are formed in us by experiencing or not experiencing this arctic phenomenon have been thematized in books, films and reports.

An experience is usually good when several impressions coincide and come unexpectedly. The experiential value is therefore the project’s DNA, where the composition of light, sound and the artistic content invite an overwhelming overall experience. In addition, the project has a formative function and contributes to the understanding of the natural phenomenon Aurora Borealis. (Gerald Maximilian Bliem, Gallerist and cultural officer, Nusfjord).

Open: 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m
Every day through the dark periode until March 26, 2024.
Free entry – No registration required.

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