Surfing in Lofoten

November 6, 2023


Does it look tempting to surf among high mountains, blue seas and beautiful beaches? Then you have to visit Flakstad Beach!

Only a 15-minute drive from Nusfjord Arctic Resort you’ll find Flakstad Beach and Lofoten Beach Camp. A lovely sandy beach perfect for both beginners and advanced surfers! And during the summer months you will see the midnight sun all night on Flakstad Beach, it’s magical.

When is the best time to surf in Lofoten?

The peak season for surfing in Lofoten is from autumn to spring, but it is also possible to surf in the summer. The bigger waves come with the autumn storms, and from September to April the strongest swells from the Norwegian Sea come towards Lofoten, which is perfect for advanced surfers. From April to September, i.e. over the summer, there is a little longer between the biggest swells and this season is therefore perfect for beginners. In summer, the waves are not as big and powerful, the water is warmer and the midnight sun gives you many hours to surf.

Cold water surfing

Surfing in winter may sound cold with minus degrees in the air, snow on the ground and down to 4-5 degrees in the water. It is cold, but also exotic and magical, and with the right equipment it becomes a fantastic experience. At Lofoten Beach Camp in Flakstad, you can book a surf course with a guide, and you can also rent wetsuits and all the equipment you need to have a good experience. There are also hot showers and a restaurant here, so you can warm up and change before and after surfing. Get in touch with us to book your surfing lesson! 
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