The history about The Red Boat Shed

July 1, 2024


There are many buildings with history here in Nusfjord, The red boat shed is one of them!

The red boat shed is one of the oldest remaining buildings in Nusfjord, built before 1877. The framework is held together by old wooden plugs. The shed was originally used as storage for fishing equipment and small boats, some of the wood from the sawmill was also post-processed here. It was also a warehouse for sawdust, wich was used to insulate the bait for line fishing.

This venue takes you back to Nusfjord’s golden days as a thriving fishing village. The red boat shed can be rented for special occasions, where our chef’s team invite you to en- joy exquisite food experiences with our finest ingredients. The red boat shed is one of Nusfjord’s protected buildings, and its structure dates back to 1877. Capacity: 20 people.

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