Experience the traditions of Nordic cooking

January 28, 2024

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Restaurant Karoline is one of Lofoten’s largest and most sought-after restaurants, especially in the summer.

But it’s just as amazing the rest of the year as well. At Restaurant Karoline we offer an exquisite breakfast buffet and fantastic dinner with a view of the sea, the weather and the beautiful nature. In the summer, we also offer lunch, and a cozy outdoor dining area. The restaurant is located in what was once a stockfish warehouse, and throughout the year you will find homemade stockfish on the menu, which is one of our specialities. It is dried during the summer months on racks and rocks around the village and processed in a smoker by one of our own employees.

As lasting memories are also created through the taste buds, the menu has been carefully composed by our chef, and it reflects the rich traditions of Nordic cooking and the abundant harvest from our saltwater kingdom.

The menu is updated several times a year, and adapted to what is in season.

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