Top 5 things to do in Lofoten in the fall

The Lofoten Islands remains one of those places where every season is unique and offers something completely different than the other. The autumn in Lofoten is a parade of colors and sees the chains of islands move from the insomnia of summer into a more calm and relaxing fall vibe. Here are our top 5 tips for a unique adventure in Nusfjord in the fall:

1. Fishing

While many associate winter and spring with peak fishing season, the fall also offers its share of open ocean thrills. Expect to catch some of the biggest fish of your life, as our own fishermen and captain Jan Martin take you out of Nusfjord on one of our Lofoten fishing boats.

2. Hiking

The orange and yellow colors of autumn make hiking at this time of the year an absolutely breathtaking experience. Head out on one of the old trekking paths across the mountain, or join one of our guides to a hidden gem around the next corner. With panoramic views on nearly every mountain top, the Lofoten Islands offer some of the best hiking in Norway.

3. Northern lights

While we've experienced the northern lights as early as August, September and October tend to be the seasonal introduction of this mesmerizing phenomenon. As the charged particles from the sun interact with oxygen and hydrogen in the atmosphere, the sky lights up with dancing beams of green, yellow, pink and red. With its secluded location, Nusfjord remains a great place to witness it all.

4. Cuisine

Lofoten is well-known for its amazing ingredients, with stockfish being the tip of the spearhead. Meat, cheese, and local vegetables are also in peak season in the fall, and in Nusfjord you get to take part in everything from harvesting to enjoying century old perfected dishes at one of our three restaurants.

5. Spa

With the active lifestyle of daytime and northern lights at night, the Arctic spa at the resort triumphs as a must-do nearly every day. Restore in the sauna or enjoy dancing northern lights in the wood-fired hot tub, as the jagged peaks around you wrap you in an Arctic blanket of relaxation.

The Lofoten Fishing Season Has Started

The cod fishing in Lofoten is world-renowned for the sheer quantity and quality of fish swimming around right outside Nusfjord. While January is regarded as being the kick-off, February, March and April are considered the main months for this amazing experience, which draws fishermen and spectators from all over the world.


When walking around in Nusfjord, expect to dive into the authentic experience of the fishermen that have had this fjord as their outpost for exploration and fishing throughout the centuries. With traces of settlements dating back to 425 BC, Nusfjord is considered one of the oldest fishing villages in Norway. Through our historical roundtrip you can still admire the old buildings where they made fish oil, the boat sheds, the smokery and many others.


Lofoten’s history revolves around fish, and the fishing villages like Nusfjord were hubs for travelling fishermen from all over the country that left their wives and kids home, tried their luck here. Life was harsh back then, and life in the small red cabins (rorbu) were mostly about surviving and catching enough fish to pay off dept and feed the families. In the early 1900s, Nusfjord saw its population grow to more than 1500 people during the fishing season, and walking around the harbour today it’s hard to believe the amount of people living here, not to mention the more than 600.000 fish that hung all around the fjord.


We arrange two fishing trips every day, for you to take part in the centuries’ long traditions in Lofoten. When you soar out towards the open sea with captain Jan Martin and his crew, you’ll be greeted by the fresh Arctic breeze, eagles and the chance of seeing whales and orcas. Once out on the open ocean you get to try your luck fishing for possibly the biggest fish you’ve ever caught. The world famous skrei cod swims down from the Barents Sea once a year, to mate in the Vestfjord, right outside Nusfjord.


After pulling up cod after cod you set sail back towards Nusfjord, where you have the possibility of taking part in the gutting and filleting of the fresh caught fish. When you’ve slipped out of the wear we provide you, feel free to warm up in the cozy Landhandleriet Café or relax in the cabins. In the evening you can take advantage of the ocean facing spa with wood-fired hot tubs and a sauna, reminiscing the experiences you’ve had throughout the day. It’s hard work being a fisherman.