Nusfjord Arctic Resort is a hotel in Lofoten that must be experienced.

Ah, Lofoten! One of the most enchanting places on the planet, with its dazzling northern lights, majestic mountains, and sparkling fjords. But for the traveler seeking a place to rest their head after a long day of adventure, what does Lofoten have to offer? The answer is simple: Nusfjord Arctic Resort. When you’re looking for accommodation in Lofoten, this is the place to be.

Why choose Nusfjord Arctic Resort as your hotel in Lofoten?

Have you ever wanted to wake up to the sight of the sunrise over a fjord? Or perhaps you want to sleep under the stars, with only the sound of the waves lulling you to sleep. Nusfjord Arctic Resort offers you all this and more.

Accommodation: Where comfort meets natural beauty.

Whether you prefer a suite that matches your taste for luxury or a cozy cabin that feels like home, Nusfjord Arctic Resort has what you need. Let’s take a look at what we offer:

Harbour - Cabin Standard

Harbour - Cabin Suite

Harbour - Cabin Junior Suite

Harbour - Cabin Suite Plus

Harbour - Cabin Suite With Bathtub

Luxury Villa

Village - Cabin Suite Plus

Village - Cabin Suite

Bay - Cabin Suite

Sea View Villa

While staying at a hotel in Lofoten, you can experience a variety of unique and memorable activities:

Lofoten is not just a place for relaxation – it’s a destination for adventure.
Nusfjord Arctic Resort offers a range of activities that will take your breath away.

Fishing Trip in Lofoten

Lofoten is renowned for its fishing, and what could be better than going on a fishing trip with an experienced guide who can show you the secrets behind the art?

Guided Mountain Hike in Lofoten

The mountains of Lofoten are in a league of their own. Join a guided mountain hike and see Lofoten from the top of the world.

Northern Lights Chase in Lofoten

Can you imagine anything more beautiful than the northern lights? Nusfjord offers you the chance to experience the northern lights chase up close.

Kayaking in Lofoten

Explore the fjords with a kayak tour, a unique way to see Lofoten from the water.

Spa in Lofoten

After a long day of adventure, why not relax with a visit to the spa and give your body the rest it deserves?

Historical Tour in Lofoten

Dive deep into the history of Lofoten with a historical tour and learn about the area’s rich cultural heritage.

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Christmas market in Lofoten
Bring your family and experience a wonderful pre-Christmas tradition with us at Nusfjord Arctic Resort!
Company trip to Lofoten
Are you planning a company trip? Maybe an intimate workshop, a team building event or a larger conference, we have the capacity to adapt to your needs so that the company trip is complete!
hva er en rorbu
What is a rorbu?
“Rorbuer” has a history that is deeply rooted in Lofoten's fishing culture. Living in a rorbu is an experience of northern Norwegian culture and history. But what exactly is a rorbu?
christmas spirit in Lofoten
Get into the Christmas spirit in Lofoten
Would you like to experience Christmas in Lofoten? Christmas is a time full of traditions. We decorate our charming fishing village to get in the Christmas spirit and offer traditional Christmas food, a Christmas market and a Christmas tree hunt. Christmas in Lofoten should be experienced!
Surfing in Lofoten
Does it look tempting to surf among high mountains, blue seas and beautiful beaches? Then you have to visit Flakstad Beach!
Opplev Nordlys i Lofoten
Experience the Northern Lights in Lofoten
Are you dreaming of experiencing the Northern Lights? The spectacular light show is one of the most unique things Lofoten has to offer!

Are you planning your next stay in Lofoten and wondering what Nusfjord Arctic Resort has to offer? Here, we have gathered the most common questions our guests ask, to give you a clearer understanding of what you can expect during your stay.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort is situated in the idyllic fishing village of Nusfjord, which is one of the oldest and best-preserved fishing villages in Lofoten.

Yes, Nusfjord Arctic Resort offers a wide range of activities to enhance your stay in the beautiful Lofoten. We provide unique experiences tailored to the interests of our guests. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature, embark on an adventure, or simply relax and soak in the local culture, we have something for everyone. Our offerings include guided fishing trips in the rich waters of Lofoten, kayak tours along the serene fjords, guided hikes in the picturesque mountains, a chance to chase and witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights, and cultural tours that delve into the rich history of the region. For those seeking relaxation, our resort also features a world-class spa where you can unwind and rejuvenate. Our goal is to make your stay at Nusfjord Arctic Resort unforgettable, combining luxury comfort with the natural beauty and unique traditions of Lofoten.

Absolutely! Lofoten is known for its spectacular Northern Lights displays, and Nusfjord Arctic Resort is no exception. The hotel even offers dedicated Northern Lights chasing activities for those who want an extra special experience.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort offers a wide range of rooms, from Harbour – Cabin Standard to Luxury Villas. Many of the rooms feature luxurious amenities such as bathtubs and exceptional views of the surrounding nature.

The distance varies depending on which airport you arrive at. It is recommended to check directly with the hotel for exact distance and transportation options.

Yes, Nusfjord Arctic Resort has quality restaurants that serve both local delicacies and international dishes. It’s wise to reserve a table in advance, especially during the high season.

Absolutely! Nusfjord Arctic Resort offers special packages and arrangements for weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Contact the hotel directly for more information.

Yes, Nusfjord Arctic Resort offers free Wi-Fi for its guests.

Yes, the hotel has parking facilities. It’s recommended to check with the hotel in advance if you have specific parking needs.

Do you have any more questions about staying at Nusfjord Arctic Resort?

We would love to hear from you!