17. mai 2022 – 30. april 2023
Ingeborg Stana – Paintings and prints

About the artist

Ingeborg Stana is a contemporary Norwegian artist. Stana maintains a long and unbroken tradition within art inspired by the Nordic landscape. Although Stana’s chosen method is traditional, she has found a way to reinvent landscape painting and regain its position in the context of art history. Salteriet Nusfjord Gallery is proud to present a collection of paintings and prints by Ingeborg Stana inspired by the arctic regions of Northern Norway and Svalbard.


Ingeborg works mainly with paintings but through the recent years she has been transmitted the theme to both short films and printmaking. Our winter exhibition on the first floor enters you into what the Norwegians call their Blue Hour as well as the occurrence of the Northern light and further phenomena where the sky meets our planet.

Ingeborg Stana graduated from The National Collage of Arts, Oslo, in 1997. She has also studied painting and restoration in Florence, Italy. Ingeborg Stana has produced solo exhibitions in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. In addition, Stana has participated in several exhibitions and festivals in Europe, the USA, China, Japan, and Russia. Her works have been acquired by both private and public art collections. Ingeborg lives and works in Oslo, Norway. 

For more information about the artist please visit her website: stana.no

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