EXH. 1 -Henrik Kleppe Worm-Müller

From May 2024
Opening reception May 11, 2pm

This is only a dream

Painting is the main medium of visual artist Henrik Kleppe Worm-Müller. The landscape is often used as the foundation where he adds elements that give his works the character of something fairy tale-like, from the fact that parallel stories are told. At this exhibition, he has also worked with abstract motifs.

In my pictures, I primarily try to bring out a mood. It can be perceived as adventurous. It can often be an exaggeration of the realistic or that there are details in the image that do not quite fit together, something that one cannot place, which evokes mystery and a touch of surrealism.

Kleppe has been inspired by artists such as Lars Hertervig, August Cappelen, Caspar David Friedrich and William Turner. Impressionism has also been an inspiration for his artistry. So have filmmakers such as David Lynch and series such as Twin Peaks.

Henrik Kleppe Worm-Müller lives and works in Oslo. He has worked as a professional artist for many years, but has previously been a professional skateboarder and a well-known profile in this sport.

Mezzanine – Stig Bech

From May 2024
Opening reception May 11, 2pm

About the artist

Stig Bech is probably best known as a property lawyer and partner in Wiersholm, board member of several public and private companies and author of numerous professional articles. Stig is also a visible advocate for the work with mental health, and a board member of the Council for Mental Health and the Bipolar Association of Norway.

Behind his role as a lawyer, Bech has always kept several other projects going, partly as coping strategies to keep a troubled mind stable. Various art forms, including acrylic and ceramics, have been a recurring activity.

– Making art for me is about contrasts, about extremes – from life as a lawyer to psychiatry, from downturn to upturn, it’s about patina, about surroundings, closeness, and nature.


For Stig, it has been a fantastic opportunity to combine his fascination for Nusfjord’s geography, demography, culture, and activities with the graphics. Stig’s motives are often linked to nature’s landscapes and forms, combined with the processed.

The natural setting is linked to repeated elements handled in the simplest way by people, such as gutted fish hung to dry on racks. For nearly 10 years, Nusfjord has been a place Stig has searched for precisely this contact with the surroundings in the sea gap, proximity to natural forces and changeability. The changeability mirrors Stig’s own mental turmoil and has a calming effect – creating calm in the troubled. The graphics are in many ways a continuation of this, a confirmation that the place has its own effect, a fixed and familiar ingredient that stabilises.

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