Olav Harald Ulstein – Painting
Opening: 28. may (– 31. august 2022)

About the artist

Olav Harald Ulstein (born in Hareid, 1963) creates naturalistic landscape paintings. He is perhaps best known for his evocative depictions of countless mountainscapes from Norway’s rugged nature. His works express sincere love for the wildness and drama of the landscapes we Norwegians are so fond of. This exhibition will also be about the mountain landscape that surrounds Nusfjord.

Olav Harald Ulstein has had a number of solo- and group exhibitions all over the country. Ulstein is also known for his participation in the reality series “Farmen” on Norway’s TV2 in 2014.

The most striking thing about Ulstein’s mountain landscapes is how the artist creates a distinctive interplay between light and shadow. In the meeting between sunlit snow surfaces and blue transparent shadow areas, an almost magical tension arises that fills the entire landscape with atmospheric meaning. Nature becomes evocative and alive, and it tells us that heaven and earth belong together. It is masterfully done on the level of the image; a form of poetic realism that we rarely see in our day. This painterly poetry also fills the motifs with a special luminosity. Yes, it is so marked that if you turn off the gallery’s lamps, the intensity of the light in the pictures is still present. It is as if all the visual elements in the images work together to maintain the inherent beauty of nature. Impressive.

Art critic and art historian Paul Grøtvedt

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