Packages and Special Offers

Lofoten is well known for the many activities and at Nusfjord Arctic Resort we offer an array of options.

You can either use Nusfjord as a central hub for your own journeys, or take advantage of our experienced guides that offers a safe and fun experience on skis, fishing trips, kayaking, surfing, northern lights safari, snowshoeing and much more. Book active packages when you book your accommodation.


We’re happy to customise your experience with a selection of special packages. Contact us for more information.

Active package
The Lofoten islands are a playground of activities and Nusfjord is the perfect base for exploration. Take part in breathtaking adventures with our guides, or find your own little piece of heaven amongst jagged peaks.
Fishing Package
Explore the Lofoten waters with our local fishermen; filled with fishing, filleting and treats made from the freshly caught fish. Winter and Spring are peak periods for fishing in the Arctic ocean.
Nusfjord Experience
Discover the town of Nusfjord. Get a taste of fishing in Lofoten with our local fishermen, followed by a filleting course in unique surroundings. Stroll through the historical roundtrip and explore the area with snowshoes. Complimentary access to spa and breakfast. (2 days)