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Meetings and Events

All events can be coupled with a selection of adventures and activities for your guests. We are happy to tailor an itinerary for your group! Send us your request for a seminar package today.


«Nusfjord is unique and the most beautiful place in the world with a rare and intimate vibe. Everyone are happy in Nusfjord, with great food, great facilities, great options for conferences and comfortable cabins. The most important is though the vibe from a welcoming staff in this rough location. I have never experienced anything that comes close to create the same kind of personal chemistry between business people, than the one you get when you fish for cod onboard the boat in Vestfjorden, stand waist high in fish gut and filleting, and end it all in the wood-fired hot tubs by the ocean. It’s absolutely breathtaking and real. In my mind this is the best experience Norway has to offer.»

— Stig Bech (previous partner at law firm BAHR and now CEO of Solon Eiendom) has had over 40 corporate trips and seminars in Nusfjord since 2016

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