Fishing license

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Nusfjord has several fishing lakes within walking distance of the village. Beautiful nature surrounds the waters, while the trout hide from you in the reeds. Can you outsmart it? Bring your own fishing road, and explore!

The fishing license is valid for:

-Øvrevatnet (Our drinkingwater source, not allowed to camp or bath here!)

When you enjoy nature on a fishing trip, remember to:
-Take your rubbish home with you
-Have a permit to fish or have identification that shows that you are under 16 when you fish in fresh water
-Do not use live fish as bait
-Do not move live fish to other watercourses
-Gut and wash the fish in the water you caught it in
-Dry fishing gear, boots and waders before moving to another water, to avoid the spread of living organisms and fish disease
-Do not disturb animal and bird life, especially during the breeding and breeding season

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