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Aktiviteter – norsk

Join us on an inspiring journey that echoes the maritime heritage of Nusfjord, where the art of lino cut once adorned the sides of fish crates destined for distant shores. As you explore this ancient craft, let creativity flourish while savoring a glass of wine or two.

Take a seat at our work table, surrounded by the echoes of a bygone era, where fish crates were prepared in our very own packaging house. Here, amidst the scent of the sea and the whispers of history, our skilled instructor will guide you through each step of the lino cut process.

From designing your pattern to carving it out and printing it on paper, you’ll delve into techniques reminiscent of those once used to mark the contents and destinations of fish crates. Be amazed by your own creative abilities as you channel the spirit of Nusfjord’s storied past.

As a special gift to yourself, you will take home your finished artwork—a tangible piece of history and a unique memento from your time in Nusfjord. Crafted with love and care by your own hands, your lino cut creation carries the essence of a tradition that has shaped this coastal community for generations.


Aktiviteter – engelsk (#10)

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