Top 5 things to do in Lofoten in the winter
Topp 5 ting å gjøre i Lofoten om vinteren

The Lofoten Islands remains one of those places where every season is unique and offers something completely different than the other. Here are our top 5 tips for a unique adventure in Lofoten in the Winter:

1. Skrei Fishing

One of the most intense things you can experience in terms of fishing in northern Norway is fishing for Skrei. This is a particularly large cod that during the winter months takes the long migration from the Barents Sea and into the coast of northern Norway to spawn. These extremely powerful giants give you a fishing experience completely out of the ordinary when you have got them on the hook. Expect to catch some of the biggest fish of your life, as our own fishermen and captain Jan Martin take you out of Nusfjord on one of our Lofoten fishing boats.

2. Randonee

Magic on randonee. Get ready for nature experiences completely out of the ordinary. Randonee means summit skiing and can offer spectacular nature experiences around Lofoten.

3. Northern lights in winter

The Northern Lights are a magical phenomenon and nature’s most spectacular light show. In fact, Norway is the world’s best place to see the northern lights. People from all corners of the world travel to winter-cold Norway to experience this light phenomenon.

4. Cuisine

Lofoten is well-known for its amazing ingredients, with stockfish being the tip of the spearhead. Meat, cheese, and local vegetables are also in peak season in the winter, and in Nusfjord you get to take part in everything from harvesting to enjoying century old perfected dishes at one of our three restaurants.

5. Spa

With the active lifestyle of daytime and northern lights at night, the Arctic spa at the resort triumphs as a must-do nearly every day. Restore in the sauna or enjoy dancing northern lights in the wood-fired hot tub, as the jagged peaks around you wrap you in an Arctic blanket of relaxation.