Ready for an active holiday in Lofoten?

May 31, 2022

ferie i lofoten


Lofoten is the perfect destination for adventurous people who loves to be in the outdoors where nature plays the most significant part. Surrounded by the northern sea and pristine mountain backdrops, adventure is literally at your doorstep at Nusfjord Arctic Resort. Choose from a wide range of exhilarating outdoor activities to suit individuals, families, and groups, including fishing excursions, arctic surfing, mountaineering, or calmer options closer to the resort.


Seaweed plucking

Spring is the best time for seaweed plucking; although it is available throughout the year. Ensure that the seaweed is still attached to the substrate; you should not eat it if it’s floating around. Seaweed is the most nutritious plant in the world! It’s sustainable and a healthy food source. Thanks to the powerful tidal currents in Lofoten, seaweed is abundant here.  



Explore the beautiful Lofoten coastline in a kayak – the perfect activity for the whole family. The best view in Lofoten is not only from the mountain peaks but from the sea! Paddle through the clear azure waters and find spots where no car can drive you. And if you are lucky, you might spot animals like seals, golden eagles, rabbits, puffin birds, or even whales. You need to have a paddle certificate to do this activity.



Join us for a surfing lesson and master riding the waves at Skagsanden Beach, located just minutes away from Nusfjord Arctic Resort. The course will cover fundamental wave riding skills with hands-on training by an experienced instructor.

Along the Lofoten coast, you’ll find some of the most beautiful surfing locations in the world with incredible white sandy beaches.


SUP – Stand up paddle

Ever tried standing up on a paddle board? SUP is an enjoyable activity where you can try out your balance while paddling around and exploring the coast. Rent a board and go explore! 


Fishing trip

For generations, the fishing industry has been at the center of Nusfjord’s cultural and economic backbone. The surrounding ocean off the coast of Nusfjord offers some of the best fishing conditions in Norway; here, you can reel in cod, pollock, catfish, or halibut, among others. Our experienced guides will gladly show you the ropes and tell you their stories of past times in the village.


Rent a boat

Do you want to rent a boat and explore Lofoten from the sea? We have Kværnø aluminum boats that fit up to 6 people for rent for fishing or sightseeing. Go out to sea and enjoy a day of experiences and exploring the areas around Nusfjord.



Explore the coastline in the adrenaline-filled adventure of being a passenger in a RIB boat. Buckle up and enjoy the ride with a max speed of 55 knots (102 km/h); the RIB serves as a fast and fun way to see the Lofoten coastline. Because the rib boat doesn’t go that deep into the water, it’s easier to get closer to hidden pearls along the shore.



Nusfjord is the perfect starting point for exploring the arctic landscapes on foot. Whether you are up for a calm walk along the picturesque coast or a more challenging adventure to the breathtaking peaks, we have got you covered. Let the whole family experience the joy of conquering some of Lofotens’ most beautiful mountain tops, led by our experienced guides.

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