Surfing (guided)
Join us for a surfing lesson and master riding the waves at Skagsanden Beach, located just minutes away from Nusfjord Arctic Resort. Along the Lofoten coast, you’ll find some of most beautiful surfing locations in the world with incredible white sandy beaches. It’s hard to believe you are in the Arctic circle!
Surfing (guided)


Head to local adventure partner to grab your surfboard and your wetsuit. With the surfing lesson, you will receive instructions on the beach before heading out into the frothing waves at in Lofoten. The course will cover the basic skills of wave riding with hands-on training by an experienced instructor.

Surfboards and wetsuits  are also available for rent if you are not in need of lessons. The gear can be rented for shorter time periods or for the entire day.


Season: January–October
Departures: On Demand
Difficulty: Medium
Audience: All ages

Wetsuit and surfboard (with lesson)
Experienced surfing instructor (with lesson)

What to bring: